Bird species spotted in the gardens at Wild Berry Guest Farm

Apalis, Barthroated
Barbet, Black-Collared
Boubou, Southern
Bulbul Dark-Capped (Black-Eyed)
Buzzard, Steppe
Cormorant, Reed
Crane, Blue
Crane, Grey Crowned (Southern Crowned)
Crow, Cape (Black)
Crow, Pied
Cuckoo, Black
Cuckoo, Diderick
Dove, Laughing
Dove, Red-Eyed
Drongo, Fork-Tailed
Duck, Yellow billed
Eagle, Booted
Eagle, Long-Crested
Eagle-Owl, Spotted
Egret, Cattle
Egret, Great
Falcon, Lanner
Fiscal Common (Fiscal Shrike)
Flycatcher, Fairy
Goose, Egyptian
Goose, Spurwinged
Harrier-Hawk, African (Gymnogene)
Hawk, African Cuckoo (Cuckoo Hawk)
Heron, Black Headed
Heron, Grey
Heron, Purple
Hoopoe, African
House-Martin, Common (House Martin)
Ibis, African Sacred (Sacred)
Ibis, Hadeda
Ibis, Southern Bald
Kite, Black Shouldered
Kite, Yellow Billed
Masked-Weaver, Southern (Southern Masked Weaver)
Mousebird, Speckled
Mynah, Common (Indian)
Openbill, African (Openbilled Stork)
Olive-Pigeon, African (Rameron Pigeon)
Oriole, Black Headed
Paradise-Flycatcher, African (Paradise Flycatcher)
Pigeon, Speckled (Rock)
Raven, White-Necked
Robin-Chat, Cape (Cape Robin)
Siskin, Drakensberg
Sparrow, Cape
Spoonbill, African
Spurfowl, Red-Necked (Red-Necked Francolin)
Starling, Cape Glossy (Glossy)
Starling, Pied
Starling, Red-Winged
Stork, White
Sunbird, Amethyst (African Black)
Sunbird, Greater Double-Collared
Sunbird, Malachite
Swallow, Barn (European)
Swallow, Greater Striped
Swallow, Lesser Striped
Tit, Southern Black
Thrush, Groundscraper
Thrush, Karoo & Olive
Turtle-Dove, Cape (Cape Turtle Dove)
Vulture, Cape
Wagtail, Cape
Waxbill, Common
Weaver, Cape
White-Eye, Cape & Orange River (Cape)
Whydah, Pintailed
Widowbird, Longtailed (Longtailed Widow)
Wood-Hoopoe, Green (Red-Billed)
Woodpecker, Cardinal
Woodpecker, Olive

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