We think Sustainably

Going green.

As part of a Natal  Midlands dwarf chameleon project as well as for sustainable utilization of this beautiful little piece of earth, Wild Berry Guest farm is going green.

We are practising organic gardening and pest control: which means that all our activities regarding the garden and pest control  are done with the greatest care not to negatively affect other plants, kreepy-crawlies and even the soil health is taken into consideration.

We use no pesticides .

We use no herbicides that remain in the system.

We practice a no-till policy.

We only use natural fertilizing agents such as rabbit manure.

We recycle our waste products.

We only use cleaning agents that are safe for septic tanks,  humans and environmentally friendly.

Some organic tips:

>Healthy, happy plants that, grow under the right circumstances eg the right amount of sunlight, right type of soil, right amount of water etc and enough of the right fertilizer, do not suffer from disease and can handle normal amounts of pests.

>Strong scented herbs such as lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, thulbagia, marigolds, calandulas, lemon verbena and many more act as a natural pest deterrent when planted amongst other plants.

>Used  Ground filter coffee keeps snails and slugs away from your vulnerable plants.

> The best way to control snails is to find where they hide and  remove them by hand. Otherwise keep some chickens in your garden to eat all sorts of pests.

> Keep slugs away by putting sliced cucumber into an aluminium tin and place amongst the plants.

>Control aphids by spraying plants with a tea made from soapwort, remember to let it cool first.

>Control moles by putting a glass bottle upside down in its hole, this chases them away.

>Keep flies from your kitchen by turning on fans and put a dish with strong-smelling vinegar on the table. Citronella oil also works well in chasing flies but beware it attracts bees.


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